Want to know more about me? I'm practising my Front-End abilities since 2017. Every single project is diffrent than other one.

I've started with Front-End almost 2 years ago. I'd like to become a full time JavaScript/Front-End Developer with ReactJS.

Right know I am getting more expierience in ReactJS.

I can help you decide which hosting you should choose, help you go through WordPress dashboard - even with WooCommerce plugin. I understand that a lot of web-owners has no expierience in this topic so I am going to explain you everything!

Every project i develop is consulted with my customer. Need online shop? Dynamic WordPress blog, static "buisness card", need an API Widget made in pure JavaScript? Would you like to make your site full responsive on mobile devices?

I am working with full-time profesional UX/UI Graphic Designer.

Contact me!

Want to cooperate? kamilbartusik@gmail.com


npm/yarn, rwd

Developed projects

RWD, Wordpress, graphic design
Pizza od Łysego
Vasyl Stasyuk
RWD, PHPMailForm
RWD, Wordpress, graphic design
GRC Complex
RWD, Wordpress, graphic design